Example Scripts in Sansar

In Sansar, scripts allow you to add dynamic and interactive behaviors to objects. Here are a few example scripts that you can experiment with in Sansar.

Example Script Script Details
Simple Script (SimpleScriptExample.cs) This script shows how you can use the new "Simple Script" base class. 
Visitor Tracker (VisitorTrackerExample.cs) This script tracks the number of visitors that visited your experience over the course of a session.
Follow The Path (FollowThePath.cs) This script moves a dynamic object along a route of points, in a loop.   
Random Movement (RandomMovement.cs) This script randomly moves a dynamic object around its starting position.
Teleport Hotkeys (TeleportHotkeys.cs) This script allows you to set hotkeys that will teleport users to another experience when pressed.
Stats Example (StatsExample.cs) This script provides useful statistics about the current experience. 
Sound Randomizer (SoundRandomizer.cs) This script plays randomly from a list of sounds at randomized intervals.
Cannonball (CannonGameExample.cs) This script throws a cannonball from the avatar. 
Reflective Detector (ReflectiveDetectorExample.cs) & Reflective Tracker (ReflectiveTrackerExample.cs)

These two scripts detects and tracks how many times the users hit the detectors in objects in a scene.


Note: These files are also available in the client folder: Program Files > Sansar > Client > Script API > Examples


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