Meeting Notes - July 28, 2017


Pioneering Sansar creators gathered together on July 28 for another round of community office hours the last to be held before this week’s public release. We would like to thank all early Creator Preview participants who have patiently helped us troubleshoot bugs and improve the overall Sansar experience. Many of you have already made some amazing scenes and experiences that can now be enjoyed by a wider audience! One of our favorites is the new APOLLO Museum by LOOT Interactive, which includes a trip to the moon!


The Sansar community was quick to adapt use of attachments. As seen in this screenshot, there were hats aplenty!


While the public got its first peek at Sansar on July 31, there was another pre-release update on July 25 that introduced several new features including avatar attachments that now allow you to further personalize your avatar! This update also included the introduction of audio occlusion and building progress indicators, as well as improvements to the user interface, animations and global illumination. See the Release Notes for a full list of the latest changes and additions.


Now that Sansar is available to the general public, we’re looking at ways to ensure that the creator community can continue to stay connected. In the near future, we’ll launch an official community Discord presence. There’s also the Community Forums, which includes a general discussion thread and several dedicated creator forums including 3D Modeling, Audio, and Scripting.


Contest entries for the Creator Challenge (which ended July 24) are still being reviewed. An internal team is looking at all submissions and we should have winners announced soon.


During the latest meeting, community members toured The Grand Hall and Gardens by Loz Hyde.


During the open office hours, community members are encouraged to ask questions and provide feedback to the Sansar team. Here are a couple of questions that were answered during this week’s meetings:

Is there a hard maximum for concurrency in an experience?

Currently, the maximum is around 35-40 people but that will improve. We expect to ramp up to enable higher concurrency soon.

Can you hook up a changed scene to an existing Altas experience?

Yes! When an experience is published in the Atlas (or even if not published) and the scene it links to is updated and re-built, the changes will automatically reflect when users visit that experience (via either the Atlas or direct URL)

Alternatively, creators can also work on a scene that the experience is not currently linked to and then link that new scene directly to the experience instead. For more information, see Creating and Managing your Scenes and Experiences.



The community had many new feature requests for Sansar, too. We’ve passed on all suggestions to the Sansar development team. Among the new features requested were:

  • Analytics for each experience to show performance quality and other statistics
  • The ability to give items from inventory to other Sansar community members
  • More attachment points for avatar accessories, including the ability to have more than one attachment per spot
  • The ability to create avatars completely from scratch
  • Word processor-like functionality in Sansar for writing/editing messages (similar to the “notecards” feature in Second Life)
  • A closed audio stream for private or group conversations
  • More community chat options, including group chat that continues regardless of what experience one is visiting
  • Animations to bring more motion options for Sansar avatars in desktop mode


Watch for announcements in the blog about upcoming meetups in Sansar.

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