Reporting issues and bugs

Reporting bugs:

If you are experiencing issues in Sansar, we highly encourage you to report the issues you've encountered while using Sansar at the Bug Reports forum. However, before you report an issue on the forums or submit a case, we highly encourage you to visit the following pages prior to submitting a report:

Sansar Status Before anything, please check this page to verify that Sansar and its associate services are not experiencing any technical issues that may be causing the issue that you experiencing.
Release Notes

Since Sansar is still in the Creator Beta stages, some updates may contain known issues upon release. Please check the Release Notes section to find out what the expected issues are in the current iteration of the release.

The release notes capture the known issues for the latest release and from previous releases. This is also a great avenue to check whether previously known and/or reported issues have been resolved.

Bug Reports

The Bug Reports section in the forum is the best place for users to report issues they encounter while using the Sansar client or website. 

Please check this section and see if the issue you are experiencing has already been reported by other users. If the issue is already logged, please feel free to provide additional input in the comment section.

We highly encourage you to report bugs and issues here so that the Sansar Support team can field your report. At the same time, your reports are visible to other users who may be experiencing the same issue. 


Reporting other issues:

Abuse Report If you are having issues with another user, or need to report content or an experience that is not allowed within Sansar, please report it within the Sansar application under “Report inappropriate content”.
Submit a request If you need assistance not covered by the above sections, have general inquiries, or any other needs, please contact our support team directly by submitting a request.



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