Abuse and griefing

In any online environment you may encounter griefers, individuals who are intentionally disruptive and try to ruin an experience for others. Sansar provides tools to help mitigate abusive behavior and report it to our team.

Reporting abuse

When possible, you should report abusive content and behavior. Abuse reports help us to identify griefers and, if necessary, take disciplinary action. We do not send any notification on whether or not we decide to take action against the reported person, but rest assured we do read and evaluate every report.

Muting voice chat

A more immediate solution to certain kinds of abusive behavior is to mute the offending avatar. Muting currently silences voice chat, and persists until the next time you log into Sansar.

Note: Be aware that other people in a scene are still able to hear someone you have muted, and the muted person is still able to hear you.

VR comfort zones

To mitigate the feeling of someone invading your personal space while in VR, we have implemented comfort zones. Your personal comfort zone causes any avatar that comes too close to you to vanish from your sight.

Comfort zones are on by default and cannot currently be toggled or adjusted.

Moderating an experinece

There are a few tools available for experience owners to moderate their own experiences such as kicking, banning, and experience access controls. See Moderation tools for experience owners for more information. 

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