Renaming a scene

To rename a scene template:

  1. Go to the My Experiences app.
  2. Select the scene or the experience with the scene that you want to rename. 
  3. Click on the More Options more_icon_sm.png button for that scene or experience in the My Experiences app, which opens a popup menu.
  4. In the popup menu, select the Rename scene button.
    Select Rename scene from the More Options button/dropdown.
  5. This opens a dialog where you can rename the scene. Type the new name you want to use for your scene. 
    The rename scene dialog.
  6. Click the Rename button to confirm the change.


  • Scene names are only visible to you in the My Experiences app. An experience always references the experience name in the URL and in the Atlas.
  • Renaming a scene does not affect the experience URL, but renaming the experience does change the experience URL.

To rename an experience rather than a scene, see Adding information about your experience.

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