Sansar Release Update Notes for July 27, 2017

Update announcements:

  • The previous release had more bugs than usual and had multiple crash cases. Today's release update aims to fix several issues that were noted in the previous release, including multiple crash issues and other bugs that were not noted in the previous release notes. 

 New Feature

  • Grid Status - A reminder will show in the Sansar client to inform users that an update is being pushed out.

Bugs resolved from the previous release

  • Experiences that have compute scene reverb enabled may cause the client to crash. 
  • Grabbing a cannonball as it disappears will cause the region server to crash. 
  • Accessories cannot be removed after exiting and then re-entering the Character Editor.
  • Uploaded attachments in the Character Editor does not generate thumbnails. 
  • Using Undo on an avatar with accessories after switching avatar gender does not re-apply the accessories that were previously on the avatar. 
  • The UI elements for applied accessories are not highlighted in the Accessories sub-menu after cloning a look with accessories. 
  • Using Undo on an attachment does not deselect the item in the Accessories sub-menu. 
  • Right clicking a UI element in the Character Editor causes the avatar to rotate when moving the mouse around. 
  • There are two "Show Rotation" buttons.

Known issues from previous release

  • General issues:
    • This release is very buggy and may experience a higher number of client crashes than usual. Fixes for the client crashes will be rolled out in the next few days. Please stay tuned! 
    • The object floating panel doesn't appear when an object is first selected or placed in the scene. Temporary fix: If you move the asset to the edge of the window, the object floating panel appears as expected. 
    • The more options button has to be clicked twice to open it.
    • Atlas takes long to refresh.
    • Some user online status are not updating as expected.
  • Audio-related issues:
    • Audio Shapes: if you have a point source inside a static object, it will sound occluded by the object. We plan to fix this soon, but as a workaround you can change your sound into a Sphere or Box that extends beyond the object.
  • Avatar-related issues:
    • The new avatar accessories feature is still being polished. Currently, there are a few limitations and bugs that trigger in relation to this new feature:
      • Currently, there is no way to delete an accessory after it has been uploaded to the Accessories sub-menu.
      • The same file can be uploaded to multiple categories in the Accessories sub-menu. This may lead to some odd results while customizing your Avatar.
  • Known issues within the Scene Editor:
    • The "Publish to Atlas" button is still available even when a user is editing an scene (with no experience attached to it) in the scene editor. If this button is clicked, an error message will occur since there is no experience to publish.
    • The Materials Editor still exhibits a few issues such as:
      • The active shader for the second material selected in the material editor, will be applied to the first selected material.
      • Non uniform repeating textures do not repeat with the designated values (Ex:2x5) and when used will only repeat to the lowest value (Ex: 2x5 = results in a 2x2 repeat).
      • Sansar crashes if an asset with a really high resolution texture is added to a scene from the inventory.
      • If the material editor is opened and saved followed by a custom name entered for the 'Item name in Inventory' field, the name will revert back to the default asset name.
      • Reversed UVs cause a normal maps normals to appear backwards, making what should appear pointing out, to be sunken in.
    • Media surfaces do not appear to respect the UV placement of assets when a media surface is applied to that asset.
    • Assets obtained from the store are improperly scaled when drag and dropped into a Sansar experience.
    • If a ribbon panel drop down is active, and the scene objects panel is used, the drop down panel will appear behind the scene objects panel.
    • If you make changes to your scene and save them, then enter VR and load the scene in the editor. If you try to visit the scene without building it first, it will take you to a building modal that has a cancel button that doesn’t function.



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