Sharing your experiences

You can share your experience two ways:

Publish your experience in the Atlas

You can share your experiences with a wider audience by publishing your experience in the Atlas. See Publishing an experience in the Atlas for more information.

Sharing a link to your experience

Here are the ways you can get a link to one of your own experiences:

  • Through the My Experience App
  • Through the Atlas App

Get the experience URL from the My Experiences App


  • It is not necessary to publish your experience in the Atlas in order to get and share its experience URL. People who have the experience's URL can visit that experience, even if it is not listed in the Atlas.
  • In order for an experience to be visitable and shareable, you must first build the experience
  1. Go to the My Experiences app.
  2. Select the experience you want to grab a link from. 
  3. Click More Options more_icon_sm.png for that experience. This opens a popup menu.
  4. In the popup menu, select Copy URL.
     Select Copy URL.
  5. This copies the URL to your clipboard.

Get the experience URL from the Atlas

Note: Getting a URL from the Atlas only applies when your experience is published on the Atlas. 
  1. Click the Atlas button atlas.png to open the Atlas.
  2. Select an experience from the Atlas and click the image to bring up the experience details page.
    The experience details page.
  3. Click Copy URL.
  4. The link is placed in your clipboard.
  5. You can paste the link into Chat, email, or a webpage. People can click on the link to visit that experience without needing to find it in the Atlas.


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