Publishing an experience in the Atlas

If you want to share your experience publicly, you can publish your experience in the Atlas. In order to publish an experience in the Atlas, you will need the following: 

  • A linked scene.
  • An experience name.
  • An experience description.
  • An experience image.

Additionally, your experience must adhere to the following guidelines:

Note: While the experience description is not a requirement to publish an experience in the Atlas, we highly encourage that you add one to provide additional information about what users can expect when they visit your experience. 


Currently, you can publish an experience in the Atlas in two ways:

Publish to Atlas from the experience info dialog

Once you have an experience name and an image entered in the experience info dialog (accessed through the Edit Atlas Info button), a special dropdown menu appears. This dropdown menu will give you two choices:

  • Published in Atlas - If selected, your experience is published in the Atlas and becomes publicly available to be visited by anyone in Sansar.
  • Not Published in Atlas - If selected, your experience is not added to the Atlas and remains hidden and unreachable unless you share the experience link with others.
A special dropdown menu appears once an image is uploaded in the experience info dialog. 

Publish to Atlas while editing a scene

Provided that you have all the necessary experience information, you can easily publish your experience to the Atlas while in edit mode. Simply click the Publish to Atlas button on the scene tool bar on the upper right side of the edit mode interface. 

The scene toolbar provides a shortcut to Publish your experience in the Atlas.


For more information on the Atlas, see The Atlas app.

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