Adding information about your experience

Whether you intend to publish your experience in the Atlas or not, it is best practice to add a description and upload an image on your Experience's info. That way, people can see information about your experience even if you only share a link to it. 

The Edit Atlas Info dialog

Before adding information for your experience, please read and review Sansar's Atlas Publishing Guidelines and make sure that your experience and its information are compliant with the guidelines.

The Edit Atlas Info button on the My Experiences app allows you to add information about your experience and publish it in the Atlas. 

To add a description, upload an image, or change the name of your experience, click Edit Atlas Info edit_atlas_info_icon_sm.png. This opens the experience info dialog.

The experience info dialog.

By default, the experience info dialog allows you to change the experience name, description, and image. Once an image has been uploaded, a dropdown menu appears in the dialog that allows you to publish or unpublish an experience in the Atlas. For more information, see Publish an Experience in the Atlas.


  • The Publish in Atlas dropdown menu will not be accessible until you have uploaded an image for your experience.
  • Once you save information about your experience, it will be reflected and updated immediately on your experience's details page.
  • To change the name of a scene, see Renaming a scene.

The experience details page

The experience details page provides information about your experience so that visitors know what to expect when they visit. You can access an experience details page in Sansar by clicking an experience's image in the Atlas. You may also access the page on the Sansar website or through a link that a creator or other user has shared with you. 

Note: If you edit the information or image for an experience that is currently live and published in the Atlas, your edits are automatically pushed to the Atlas when you press Save. 




The experience details page as seen from within Sansar.


The experience details page as seen from a web browser. 
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