Sansar Release Notes for March 2, 2017

Client & Server


  • Avatar Customization - mix-and-match avatars’ heads and bodies, and use sliders to make tweaks to your avatar’s face.
  • Remove Tangent/Binormal REQ for FBX Import - import FBX files from programs such as Mudbox and Zbrush.
  • Improve FBX Import Performance - importing FBX files into the inventory is now faster and more efficient.
  • Upload and Apply Scripts - now you can use C# scripts in your experiences! This release is just the beginning, and you’ll be able to do the following:
    • Scene: find agents, iterate over all agents, detect when agents enter or leave the scene
    • Agents in the scene: get name, send messages, show simple dialogs, listen for chat and send chat to them, set their position (local Teleport), Teleport them to another scene.
    • Dynamic objects: set and get position, rotation, linear velocity, and angular velocity. Add linear and angular impulses
    • All objects: detect collisions (only dynamic objects can detect collisions with agents).
  • Audio improvements:
    • Spatialized audio for media surfaces - Based on CEF, media surfaces in Sansar Studios' Origin Cinema 360 and Origin Cinema now have their own volume-controllable audio emitters, and are spatialized like any other sound source. This lays the groundwork for being able to add your own media surfaces to objects in the future.
    • Improved footstep sounds and expanded audio materials - The default footsteps are more nuanced. There are also several new material types like "water" and "sand". Assign an object to one of these and walk an avatar across to hear a matching sound. You can also set an object to "silent" if you don't want any footstep sounds when it's walked on.
    • Removed reverb in experiences with "Compute Scene Reverb" off - In a published scene with baked reverb off (usually when you're iterating visually and haven't polished audio yet), your experience will no longer sound overly echoey.
  • Enter Edit Mode from VR - you no longer need to go back into PC mode to start editing your experiences.
  • Chat in Edit Scene Mode - Chat is now available while editing your scenes in client mode.
  • Remember Credentials - Sansar can now remember your login credentials.
  • Auto-Updater - after you install this version, Sansar will be able auto-update with future releases.

Bugs Resolved

  • See  the “Known issues from previous release” list below

Web & Extraction


  • No major updates

Bugs Resolved

  • Nothing major (all small stuff)

Additional Notes

  • Users are required to update to this latest release. Attempting to connect to a scene using the previous release will cause crashing issues.
  • This release will break previously created teleport scripts, so you’ll need to update and republish any experience that has been using them.


New Articles

Updated Articles

Known Issues for this Release

  • Certain persona cannot fully load experiences
  • Noesis: Text can leak into adjacent attribute boxes
  • Small enclosed spaces are being aggressively culled
  • Teleporting after a user has reached another user’s comfort zone can cause them to remain hidden.
  • Avatars do not disappear from each other's comfort zones when they are directly in front of each other
  • Bringing up the VRUI while turning in 1st person causes the camera to continuously spin.
  • It is possible to enter the Character Editor in VR by holding down the editor button while in world and then pressing F1 to enter VR.
  • Directional lights can create shadow artifacts at certain camera angles
  • Transform and display states are not remembered when toggling from Vr mode into Window mode
  • The camera can continue to scroll on the carousel while the Saving modal is up.
  • Mouse focus can be lost while toggling between vr and desktop mode
  • Xbox gamepad input is not blocked when SteamVR overlay is open
  • VR reticle appears very large or small in the VRUI when scale is adjusted in Edit Layout.
  • When a user changes the active script on an object via the pulldown menu, script parameter values are reset internally without UI update
  • When a user drags a new script with unchanged parameters onto an object, the selection properties panel does not update properly
  • Grey screen appears when transitioning from the My Looks menu to the Sansar Looks menu.
  • The VR pointer beams flicker on and off while the VR applet or Atlas are active
  • Double clicking a duplicated asset will focus on the original asset
  • The object properties panel contains non user friendly group names
  • "No changes to publish" message is no longer popping up when publishing an experience with no changes
  • The VR Character controller can enter a bad state when re-centering the vr camera
  • Loading an avatar to edit a second time from the Sansar Looks menu causes the camera to focus on the avatar’s feet.
  • Avatars in the foot-forward stance do not rotate in place in the Character Editor.
  • Noesis: Float Value Fields Caching Incorrect Values
  • Display a warning dialog in Atlas after logging in if the specified command-line sceneUri was invalid
  • Avatars drop held objects when toggling between first and third-person mode
  • It is possible to enter VR mode while in the My Looks menu and the Character Editor.
  • The zipper on Yellow Kaiju in the Sansar Looks menu is misaligned.
  • RegionsServer crashes if F9 is used repeatedly
  • The hand collider cannonballs appear when an avatar loads into a scene
  • Sansar Looks does not appear for first time users.
  • Undo button flashes when Redo is selected, and Redo button flashes when Undo is selected
  • New message notification icon is not aligned with the Messages tab in the Chat app in the layout editor

Known Issues from Previous Releases

  • [Fixed] FBX assets can suffer from long upload and processing times
  • [Fixed] The VR calibration message can become stuck in an off state.
  • [Fixed] VR hand representations do not accurately match real hand positions
  • [Fixed] Near Clip attribute on spot lights has no slider input
  • [Fixed] Scaling an asset down in vr only scales in increments
  • [Fixed] Scene Setting changes are not present after reloading a scene
  • [Fixed] Objects can be continuously added to a scene if the drag and drop action is performed too quickly
  • Small enclosed spaces are being aggressively culled
  • Teleporting after a user has reached another user’s comfort zone can cause them to remain hidden.
  • Avatars do not disappear from each other's comfort zones when they are directly in front of each other
  • Manipulator gizmo is not disappearing from locked objects
  • Should have a Sansar Shutting Down message box
  • Teleporting visibly stutters while in 3rd person mode
  • EditWorld VR assets do not provide haptic feedback a certain distances
  • Large dynamic objects are thrown when holding them in VR
  • In Edit Mode, camera stepping code overwrites initial camera orientation
  • 1st person VR camera can become temporarily detached from the avatar when riding keyframed objects
  • Grouped assets can be grabbed and moved if one of the assets in the group is locked
  • Some textures appear posterized after uploading them to Sansar
  • Red teleport beams still allow a user to teleport in the Layout Editor
  • Skybox changes in rapid succession can lead to the wrong skybox being previewed locally
  • Bringing up the VRUI while turning in 1st person causes the camera to continuously spin
  • Selecting a duplicated group with surface snap on only grabs 1 asset
  • VR UI 'Selection' panel buttons do not work when an object is grabbed
  • Locked assets in a ‘multi-select-group’ can be grabbed and moved
  • Using the left joystick while holding an asset moves the objects as well as the user
  • Large objects are difficult to hold onto in VR
  • Physic constrained objects do not remain anchored when grabbed
  • Controls revert to default mode after scene switch
  • Missing warning dialog in Atlas after logging in with invalid specified command-line sceneUri
  • Physics shapes may appear to stutter in low bandwidth environments

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