Sansar.Script Namespace


Sansar.Script Namespace






Script types:

Type Description
AddEntryAttribute A
CancelData The event is sent when a subscription is canceled.
ComponentId Encapsulates a Component Id.
CoroutineException An exception occurred relating to Coroutine execution.
DefaultScriptAttribute Tags a class to be the default selection for this script project.
DefaultValueAttribute Set a default value to show in the script properties field.
DisplayNameAttribute Set the name to be shown in script properties for this field.
EditorVisibleAttribute Explicitly set the editor visibility of a script field or class.
EntriesAttribute List of entries to populate IList or IDictionary properties with.
EventData Base class for events.
ICoroutine Token representing a coroutine.
IEventSubscription Token representing an event subscription.
InstanceInterface Base class for all Sansar Script Object Oriented C# interfaces.
LockedAttribute Locks the IDictionary or IList properties so entries can not be added or removed.
Log The Log class handles script logging and error reporting
Log.Message Represents a single console message.
LogLevel Used by Sansar.Script.Log to filter messages.
MaxEntriesAttribute Set the Maximum number of array values allowed.
Memory The Memory class reports on script pool memory use.
Memory.SubscriptionHandler Notifies scripts about memory events.
MemoryData Notifies scripts about memory events.
MemoryUseLevel Used by Sansar.Script.Memory to report script memory use.
MinEntriesAttribute Set the Minimum number of array values allowed.
NonReflectiveAttribute Prevents methods from being reflected using Sansar.Script.Reflective.AsInterface``1.
ObjectId Encapsulates an Object Id.
OperationCompleteEvent Many asynchronous APIs will trigger an OperationCompleteEvent when done.
RangeAttribute Specify a range of valid values for the field in script properties.
Reflective Base class which provides for simple reflection of methods through a given interface.
Reflective.Context Use with Sansar.Script.RegisterReflectiveAttribute and Sansar.Script.Reflective.Register(Sansar.Script.Reflective.Context) to specify specific access context for the registered reflective class.
Reflective.ReflectiveBase Internal support class.
RegisterReflectiveAttribute Registers this class to be found via Sansar.Simulation.ScenePrivate.FindReflective``1(string).
ScriptBase Base class for all scripts, has ScriptHandle accessors and coroutine utilities.
ScriptBase.OperationComplete Used to obtain notification that the operation has completed.
ScriptBase.ScopedLock Returned from Sansar.Script.ScriptBase.Lock(object) for use in using statements.
ScriptEventData Result of a Sansar.Script.ScriptBase.PostScriptEvent(Sansar.Script.ScriptId, string, Sansar.Script.Reflective) call.
ScriptHandle A running script in Sansar.
ScriptId Encapsulates an Script Id.
SessionId Encapsulates a Session Id.
SimpleScriptEventData Used by Sansar.Script.ScriptBase.PostSimpleScriptEvent(string, object) to send simple script events.
ThrottleException Thrown when a method is called too often
Timer The Timer class is a static class that manages timer events for a script.
TooltipAttribute Set a helpful tooltip message to show in the editor.





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