Sansar.Simulation Namespace

Sansar.Simulation Namespace



Server Script types:

Type Description
AgentInfo The AgentInfo class has basic information and IDs for an agent.
AgentPrivate The AgentPrivate class is the full interface for interactions with avatars.
AgentPublic The AgentPublic class is a more limited subset of the Sansar.Simulation.AgentPrivate API for use by other scripts in the scene.
AgentScript Extend AgentScript to create a script to be attached directly to an agent. For future use: Sansar does not currently support adding scripts to agents.
Animation Represents a scriptable Animation node.
AnimationComponent The AnimationComponent handles interactions with animations.
AnimationComponent.SubscriptionHandler Animation events.
AnimationData Animation events.
AnimationParameters The AnimationParameters struct contains settings for playing animations.
AnimationPlaybackMode Enumeration for the different animation playback modes
AudioComponent The AudioComponent handles interactions with audio components.
CameraControlMode Type of camera mode a user is in.
CharacterTracker The CharacterTracker keeps track of the quests associated with a QuestCharacter for a user.
CharacterTrackerData Handler for Character Tracker update events.
Chat The Chat class handles chat subscriptions and sending messages to users and other scripts.
Chat.SubscriptionHandler Subscribe to receive events on chat messages from the system, users or scripts.
ChatData Subscribe to receive events on chat messages from the system, users or scripts.
Client The Client class is used for access to the Client connected to a Sansar.Simulation.AgentPrivate.
Cluster The Cluster class handles interactions with in game objects.
ClusterId Encapsulates an Cluster Id.
ClusterResource The ClusterResource class represents a cluster that could be added to the scene. See Sansar.Simulation.ScenePrivate.CreateCluster(Sansar.Simulation.ClusterResource, Sansar.Vector, Sansar.Quaternion, Sansar.Vector, Sansar.Simulation.ScenePrivate.CreateComplete).
CollisionData Handler for rigid body events.
CollisionEventPhase Phase for events that encapsulate sequence of occurrences
CollisionEventType Type of collision event.
CommandAction Specifies a command action.
CommandData Command events are generated by the client when input events occur.
ComponentType Type of component. See Sansar.Simulation.ObjectPrivate.GetComponent(Sansar.Simulation.ComponentType, uint)
ControlPointType Control points are a representation of some spatial inputs, primarily VR controllers.
HeldObjectData Handler for agent grab events.
HeldObjectEventType Type of held object event.
HeldObjectInfo Information about if this HeldObjectInfo is being held by an agent.
HttpClient The Http Client can be used to make HTTP requests to external services.
HttpClient.RequestData The result of a Sansar.Simulation.HttpClient.Request(string, Sansar.Simulation.HttpRequestOptions, Action<Sansar.Simulation.HttpClient.RequestData>) call.
HttpRequestMethod Documentation for this section has not yet been entered.
HttpRequestOptions Options used for Sansar.Simulation.HttpClient.Request(string, Sansar.Simulation.HttpRequestOptions, Action<Sansar.Simulation.HttpClient.RequestData>)
HttpResponse Data returned from Sansar.Simulation.HttpClient.Request(string, Sansar.Simulation.HttpRequestOptions, Action<Sansar.Simulation.HttpClient.RequestData>)
InteractionData Handler for Interaction events.
LightComponent The LightComponent handles interactions with lights.
LightType Enumeration for the different types of lights
MediaAction Special actions to perform on media surfaces with SetMediaAction
MeshComponent The MeshComponent handles interactions with static meshes.
ModalDialog Manages a modal dialog which can be presented to the user.
MoveMode Type of interpolation to use for movement
Mover The Mover handles adding moves to process for an object.
Objective The Objective is the interface for a user's Quest Objective
ObjectiveData Handler for Objective state change events.
ObjectiveDefinition The ObjectiveDefinition stores the data that is used to create quest objective instances for users.
ObjectiveState State of a quest objective for a user.
ObjectPrivate Interface to an object in a Sansar.Simulation.Cluster in the Scene.
ObjectPrivate.AddInteractionData The result of AddInteraction request.
ObjectPublic The ObjectPublic class is a more limited subset of the Sansar.Simulation.ObjectPrivate API for use by other scripts in the scene.
ObjectScript Extend SceneObjectScript to create a script that can be used on content that is rezzable in a scene.
PlayHandle The PlayHandle represents audio play handles.
PlaySettings The PlaySettings class contains settings for playing sounds.
PlayStatus Current status of the PlayStatus.
Quest The Quest is the interface for a user's progress in a Quest.
QuestCharacter The QuestCharacter is the interface for a Quest Character
QuestData Handler for Quest state change events.
QuestDefinition The QuestDefinition stores the data that is used to create quest instances for users.
QuestState State of a quest for a user.
RayCastHit Result of a Raycast.
RigidBodyComponent The RigidBodyComponent handles interactions with rigid body physics.
RigidBodyComponent.SubscriptionHandler Handler for rigid body events.
RigidBodyMotionType Type of motion that can be applied to a rigid body.
SceneInfo Information about a Scene.
SceneObjectScript Extend SceneObjectScript to create a script that can be used on content that is natively in the scene. This is the primary script type in Sansar.
ScenePrivate Interface for Scripts that are part of a Scene. A more complete and less limited API than Sansar.Simulation.ScenePublic
ScenePrivate.CreateClusterData The result of a create cluster request.
ScenePrivate.CreateClusterHandler Handler for CreateCluster
ScenePublic The Public Scene API, a more limited subset of Sansar.Simulation.ScenePrivate.
SimpleScript Extend SimpleScript to create a script that can be used on content that is natively in the scene. This is the primary script type in Sansar.
SimpleScript.OnAddUserOptionsAttribute Use to create additional OnAddUser subscriptions
SimpleScript.OnChatOptionsAttribute Set options for OnChat() overrides, or use to create more simple chat handlers.
SimpleScript.OnCollisionOptionsAttribute Set options for OnCollision events, or use to create more simple collision handlers.
SimpleScript.OnRemoveUserOptionsAttribute Use to create additional OnRemoveUser subscriptions
SimpleScript.OnScriptEventOptionsAttribute Set options for OnScriptEvent events.
SimpleScript.OnTimerOptionsAttribute Set options for OnTimer() overrides, or use to create more simple timers.
SimpleScript.SimpleScriptOptionsAttribute Internal Use Only
SitEventType Type of sit event.
SitObjectData Handler for agent sit events.
SitObjectInfo Information about if an agent is sitting on this SitObjectInfo.
SoundResource The SoundResource class represents a sound that could be added to the scene.
StreamChannel For playing a stream from the scene.
TutorialHint Tutorial hint types.
UI Manages the client UI.
UIProgressBar Manages a progress bar UI element.
User The User class handles interactions user logins and logoffs.
User.SubscriptionHandler Subscribe to receive events when users enter or leave the experience, or change their chat name.
UserData Subscribe to receive events when users enter or leave the experience.

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