Meeting Notes - June 30, 2017


As the public creator beta release of Sansar draws closer, many in the creator community are busy putting the final touches on several new and exciting experiences. To add to the excitement and inspire even more creations, a lucrative new Creator Challenge was announced at the June 30 meeting. Over $36,000 (USD) in prizes will be handed out to our Creator Preview community including a $10,000 award for the best Sansar overall experience. Visit to learn more (including rules and guidelines). This is the time to crank up the creativity...and possibly get awarded some cash!


Community meeting attendees explored David Hall’s Dwarven City Remix.


The new contest arrives on the eve of the next update to Sansar, which is slated for release in the coming days and includes several highly-anticipated features including global illumination (GI) and a materials editor. 

In the next release, the community can also look forward to the roll out of custom media surfaces. You’ll soon be able to create your own custom TV or movie theater with this new feature that allows you to add a YouTube video or other CEF-compatible content to an object's surface.

There’s also more avatar choices, including a bunch of new outfits and additional refinement to the face shapes to allow for more range of expression. There are more hairstyles (including the ability to change hair color), too.

Desktop users will soon be able to teleport, using keyboard + mouse, or their Xbox controller. This feature is already available in VR mode.

While all of the above will be included in the next release, you can expect the grand opening of the first public creator beta in only a matter of weeks. Check your email inbox for a June 30 email titled “Get ready - open creator beta is coming soon!” to find more information on what to expect and how to prepare for the public debut!


Visitors also checked out Cica Ghost’s Connections.



During the meeting, there were three important changes announced that may impact the Sansar creator community.

First, it was announced that creators will need to update their existing scripts after the next release. This is due to a change in the naming convention of all scripts that will be introduced in the next release. As a result, all scripts will break unless the scripts are updated with the new namespace (changing lindenlab to sansar). Creators who use scripting in their experiences or scenes should re-upload their updated scripts and republish once the new release is available.

In addition, it was revealed that there are now new minimum image dimensions for items listed on The Sansar Store. The minimum image dimensions for new listed items is now 600 pixels (width) x 600 pixels (height), which replaces the previous 1000 x 1000 requirement. However, no image dimension changes are required for existing listings. This new change request came from the UI/UX team because the original dimensions do not display correctly within the Sansar client. See the Image Guidelines for more information.

Finally, it was confirmed that our creator preview Slack channels will soon come to an end. After the public release of Sansar, it is expected that a new community channel on Discord will be available. Stay tuned for more specifics soon.




Attendees playfully surrounded (and mockingly worshipped) creator David Hall at Dwarven City Remix.

Attendees at the June 30 community meetings got a sneak peek at a few new ambitious creations, including experiences by community members David Hall and Cica Ghost.

David was on hand to share his progress and development experiences on Dwarven City Remix, an elaborate fantasy experience that impressed his fellow creators. He used Maya LT for modeling and Substance Designer for texturing many aspects of his experience. Attendees also marveled at the distant mountains that realistically surround and add a larger sense of realism to Dwarven City. David shared that he created the mountains using a cylinder with an expansive texture on the inside.

The surreal landscape and artistry of Cica Ghost’s Connections also impressed attendees.


At the meeting, creators Draxtor Despres and Ria invited everyone to the grand opening of their new experience 114 Harvest. The impressive experience formally debuted the next day with a well-attended preview party. 114 Harvest includes a realistic neighborhood in Sansar that can be explored including several “easter eggs” to surprise visitors. At the end of the block, you’ll find a home with a basement that includes a new hangout space with games and even a podcast studio that will be used for future editions of The Drax Files Radio Hour.

Sansar team attendees at one or both meetings included: Product Director Jason Gholston; Associate Product Manager Cara Canlas; QA Engineer Braden Steel; Software Engineer Nyx; Lead Community Manager Jennifer, and Digital Content Manager Brett Atwood.

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