Identifying and interacting with avatars

While visiting a scene, you can identify and interact with other visitors. The way in which you perform these actions depends upon whether you are in desktop mode or VR mode.

Desktop mode

Interaction between avatars in desktop mode is accomplished through the Chat and People apps and voice chat. The Nearby tab of the People app identifies other avatars in the scene by Avatar Name and Avatar ID, and provides controls to Message (privately), Add Friend, and Mute any avatar in the list. The Chat app provides text chat for all avatars in the scene.

Additionally, you can identify nearby avatars by moving your mouse cursor over them in the scene. The person's Avatar Name and Avatar ID appear at the cursor location while the cursor is hovering over their avatar. While the Avatar Name and ID are visible, you may left-click to access Mute and Add/Remove Friend buttons.

Note: It is not possible to use the hover-over method to identify avatars with a game controller in desktop mode at this time.
The People app allows you to send a private MessageAdd Friend, or Mute any avatar in your current scene.
Move your mouse cursor over an avatar to see that person's Avatar Name and Avatar ID. Click to access Mute and Add/Remove Friend buttons.
Note: Sending and receiving private messages can only be done with friends.

VR mode

When you look at an avatar in VR mode and hold one of the grip buttons, their Avatar Name and Avatar ID appear along with buttons to Mute (or Unmute) or Add Friend (or Remove Friend if they are already your friend). Currently, the only way to communicate while in VR is by using voice chat; while in VR you cannot send or see text chat. However, text chat is preserved for later reading in desktop mode if you choose to toggle out of VR mode.

When looking at an avatar in VR and holding a grip button, their Avatar Name and Avatar ID appear. Click Add Friend to add this person as your friend, or Mute to silence all voice and text chat from this person.
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