Using and previewing media streams

Media Surface Settings

In order to make use of a media surface, you must set a Video stream URL.

The Media Surface Settings section of the Scene Settings panel allows you to set a media URL and set the location and volume of audio playback in the scene for that media URL.

Media Surface Settings in the Scene Settings panel.

You can adjust the following settings:

  • Name - Enter a name for the media stream. This is helpful for identifying the stream when setting up audio emitters for positional audio.
  • Video stream URL - Enter the URL of a web page you would like to play in your scene. Note that the media only plays once and then stops unless otherwise specified by the URL. For more information on how to properly format a YouTube URL for media surfaces, see the Formatting a YouTube embed URL for media surfaces section.
  • Initial Width - Set the height of the media, in pixels.
  • Initial Height - Set the width of the media, in pixels.

Note: In order to hear audio for a media stream, you must also set up an audio emitter to play the audio portion of the stream.

Formatting a YouTube embed URL for media surfaces

YouTube (including live content) is officially supported for video playback. For the best playback experience, you need to format your media URL using specific flags:

  •[VIDEO_ID]?autoplay=1&loop=1&controls=0&allowfullscreen=1&playlist=[VIDEO_ID], where [VIDEO_ID] is the unique ID for the video.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to construct the YouTube URL:

  1. Make sure to use the embed link (only the part in quotes after "src=" in the Embed field).
  2. Take note of the video ID, which is the text after the last forward slash in the embed link. For example:
    YouTube Link Video ID oa1s4pka2pA
  3. Add (with no space in between):
    ?autoplay=1&loop=1&controls=0&allowfullscreen=1&playlist= after the embed link.
  4. Then, add the video ID after that string. For example, the media URL for the Sansar trailer (with the video ID "a1s4pka2pA") would be:

Formatting a Twitch URL for media surfaces

Twitch is officially supported for video playback in Sansar. For the best experience, format your media URL as follows:

  •[CHANNEL_ID]&html5&volume=1, where [CHANNEL_ID] is the channel's unique ID.

Web audio streams

You may use audio emitters to play up to four different audio streams in an experience.

To set the audio streams for a scene:

  1. While editing the scene, open the Scene Properties panel by choosing Tools > Scene Settings.
  2. Under Web Audio Streams in the Scene Properties panel, enter info for up to four streams:
    • Name - Choose a name for the audio stream. This is a useful identifier when setting up audio emitters to play the stream.
    • Audio stream URL - Set a URL for streaming audio content.
  3. Place an audio emitter in the scene, set its Sound Source to Stream, and choose one of the audio streams from the dropdown list.
Web audio streams in the Scene Settings panel.

Previewing your media streams

You can preview your audio and media content by toggling Audio/Video preview in the Options menu while editing a scene. For more information on previewing media and audio in your scene, see Previewing audio and video in a scene.

Use Audio/Video preview to play your scene's media and sounds while editing the scene.
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