Meeting Notes - June 2, 2017


At the Origin 360 Cinema theater

What’s next for Sansar? Participants in the June 2 Sansar meeting received some good news about the pending availability of several highly-anticipated features, including global illumination (GI) and a materials editor both of which are expected to debut in early July as part of the next Sansar release.

The first global illumination implementation will take into account directional lighting via the sun, with even more advanced GI features to come. For example, you'll eventually be able to change the intensity of the GI effect for aesthetic nuances.

The materials editor will enable you to more efficiently create better and richer object looks and textures. After its introduction, you can expect more advanced editing features to follow.

In the next release, the community can also look forward to the roll out of custom media surfaces. As shown in the 360 theater at this week's office hour, you’ll soon be able to create your own custom TV or movie theater with this new feature that allows you to add a YouTube video or other CEF-compatible content to an object's surface.

Expect more avatar choices, too.

More specifics on these updates will be discussed in future Sansar community meetings as we get closer to the July release.


During the meeting, several creators asked about the status of several other anticipated or requested Sansar features, including:

  • Inventory Management - for better organization of items (planned for later, but no estimate on an exact date yet)
  • Audio Occlusion & Obstruction - for the ability for objects (like walls) to block or muffle sounds, resulting in better soundscape control and cleaner audio mixes (planned for the next release)
  • Experience Permissions - to enable creators the ability to control more aspects of their experiences, including access and dress code (no estimate yet, but in the works)
  • Particle Effects - for enhanced environmental and elemental effects (expected later this year)
  • “Comfort Zone” Controls - to set how closely someone can get into your avatar’s personal space (expected later this year)
  • Full-Body Inverse Kinematics (IK) - for enhanced avatar movement (upper-body planned for the next release, and lower-body due shortly thereafter)

Lead Community Manager Jennifer also reminded participants that there are now some minor adjustments to the forums, including recategorization of some topics. Changes include a new scripting forum and a new seller/store forum.


Don’t miss your chance to enter the Sansar Creator Build Challenge, which will award a $500 Amazon Gift Card to one talented creator. This challenge encourages entrants to develop a new creators' hangout space within Sansar, where our community can interact and hang out. To qualify for consideration, remember to publish your Experience in the Atlas before the June 12 deadline.

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