Meeting Notes - May 26, 2017

Participants in the May 26 Sansar meeting discussed the future development roadmap for scripting in Sansar, and also visited some cool new and updated scenes.


Sansar team members in attendance at the latest meeting included: Senior Producer & Sound Designer Torley, Senior Software Engineer Kelly Washington, QA Engineer Braden Steel, Product Support Specialist Brianna Thomas, Associate Product Manager Cara Canlas, Technical Writer Jeremy Franklin, and Sansar Product Support staffer David McBride.


The next Sansar release is tentatively due in early June. Expect mostly bug fixes, but there are also some other updates. Keep an eye on the Release Notes section on for more details.

Senior Software Engineer Kelly Washington discussed the future of scripting in Sansar, including details about scripting additions in the next release. While there are many new scripting features on the roadmap, the only visible change to expect in the June release will be the addition of new math libraries, including new Vector and Quaternion classes that are built on Mono.Simd.Vector4f with implicit conversion. Existing scripts should recompile fine, but we recommend that creators aim to switch over to Sansar’s own scripting APIs.The next release will not yet have editor parameter support, but expect it soon. In the meantime, creators will need to continue to use Mono.Simd.Vector4f for public parameters and manually cast/convert to LindenLab.Vector or LindenLab.Quaternion.

 Further on the roadmap, there will be support in the editor for Quaternion and Vector types and new APIs including ObjectRez and audio APIs, which will enable creators to rez your own objects and enable dynamic sounds in scenes, respectively.

See our full API documentation. You can also find full documentation in the Sansar installer directory (it will look like: C:\Program Files\Sansar\Client\ScriptApi ), which includes an assemblies directory with .dll and .xml files that are updated with each release and more script examples..


 During the meeting, participants suggested overall improvements and/or new features for future Sansar releases. Among them were feature requests for: 

  • streaming media on surfaces
  • script interactions with objects
  • HUDs
  • persistent data support for gaming
  • support for “flat file”-style databases

For the above suggestions, we confirmed that streaming media on surfaces is already on the development roadmap, and we plan to introduce it not long after the materials editor (since "media surfaces" will be a shader). The other suggestions are being considered by the Sansar team as they continue to prioritize future development features for Sansar.

 We encourage creators to check out the Feature Requests forum to share even more suggestions.


 The Sansar Creator Build Challenge continues! A $500 Amazon Gift Card will be awarded to one talented creator in this challenge. We're encouraging you to develop a new creators' hangout space within Sansar, where our community can interact and hang out. To qualify for consideration, remember to publish your Experience in the Atlas before the June 12 deadline.


In addition to the general discussion, attendees toured and met with the creators of several new Sansar experiences including:



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