Sansar Release Notes for June 5, 2017



  • Audio updates - We’ve made some changes to improve audio support and added a new workflow for spatialized 3D audio in Sansar!
    • Audio Emitter Editing - Now you can easily change an audio point emitter to a box or sphere volumetric emitter (also known as an "audio volume") from a dropdown menu, so the sound covers a larger area. We've also improved the usability of resizing these extents, and fixed a bug where Audio Preview didn't affect volumetric emitters.
    • Audio UI - Easier-to-understand scaling for audio emitter loudness sliders.
    • Inventory preview - Right-click a sound in inventory and choose "Play" to preview it.
  • Voice chat - Microphone is default disabled in desktop mode, and default enabled in VR mode.
  • Avatar Customization - Now you can undo/redo as you customize your avatar!
  • Scripting - With the updated APIs, you now have access to new 3D math libraries!


  • New designs - We’ve made a few minor design changes on the website.
    • We’ve revamped the Experience Details Page for a sleeker look for your Experiences!
    • The item details page has also been redesigned for a cleaner page for your item listings!

Additional notes

  • Check our API Documentation for the latest changes and additions to our scripting API. 
  • Along with the new updates on the Scripting API, the example scripts that we previously provided on the knowledge base, store, and client have been updated. Please revisit Example Scripts in Sansar to download updated copies of the scripts.
  • The example scripts, Follow the Path and Random Movement, that were previously shared on the store will be redistributed under Sansar Studios later today. Please make sure to update your copies of the scripts by downloading it for free from Sansar Studios on the Store or from their documentation article pages


New articles

Updated articles

Known and resolved issues

Bugs resolved

  • Audio shape components may be visible even when Physics Shapes is toggled off.
  • The inventory does not show objects under the System Objects filter tabs.
  • A scripting bug is causing an issue between chat input to scripts.
  • Set values on Ground Fog Density yields incorrect values.
  • UI issues with the Chat app.

Known issues for this release

  • Objects can be scaled beyond their maximum set limits.
  • Clicking on the scale box while manipulating an object may result in odd behaviors such as incremental scaling, a change in positioning, or disappearing from the scene. 
  • Additional containers (and its components) that have been added to objects do not move with the object while visiting an experience. 
  • Changes made to a component's properties in an object may transfer to a similar object with a similar component.
  • At times, users' online statuses are not reflected properly in the People app.
  • Kaiju avatars exhibit duplicated footstep sounds while walking.
  • Using the randomize button while customizing an avatar may occasionally cause the randomizing message to stay on screen indefinitely. 
  • In VR mode, the App Launcher and Atlas may appear lower on the screen. 

Known issues from previous release

  • Sansar can occasionally crash when attempting to open the Atlas after exiting VR mode while in larger scenes in Edit Mode.
  • Occasional crashing issues when exiting or scene switching in Sansar.
  • The undo button does not work when adding and removing components in an object.
  • Components do not show the location or rotation attributes in their properties panel.
  • The VR controllers' teleport function can lose input and become inactive if the teleport beams are pointed and released over the left-hand VR menu.
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