Meeting Notes - May 19, 2017

A new Sansar Creator Build Challenge and community forum enhancements were among the topics discussed at the latest weekly Sansar creator community meeting, held May 19.

Each meeting offers the opportunity for creators to provide feedback and feature requests directly to the Sansar team. These are also opportunities to show off, share, and discuss community-created experiences in Sansar. In the most recent meeting, creators were joined by several Sansar team members, including: Lead Community Manager Jennifer, Senior Producer & Sound Designer Torley, QA Engineer Braden Steel, Associate Product Manager Cara Canlas, Software Engineer Nyx, and Sansar Product Support staffer David McBride.



To jumpstart the meeting, Jennifer announced a new Sansar Creator Build Challenge (see that link for official entry rules and conditions) that will award a $500 Amazon Gift Card to one talented creator! The challenge encourages the community to develop a new creator’s hangout space within Sansar where the community can gather to talk, hang out, and interact with each other. Entrants should use both sound and dynamic objects to create a social environment with ambience and interactivity.


In other community news, Jennifer announced that the current forums will soon have minor adjustments, including recategorization of some topics. Expect a new programming/scripting forum and a new merchant/store forum soon. Some outdated posts may get moved or disappear as the public beta approaches, as well.

In addition, future community meetings may soon have a primary discussion theme so that creators can focus deeper on specific topics. For example, last week’s community meeting focused heavily on Sansar's audio and sound development. During the May 19 meeting, the community offered some suggestions for future meetings including the following topics:

  • Clothing/texturing and material maps
  • Lighting best practices, tips, and tricks for your experience
  • Sansar basics, including how to see user names, how to contact each other, how to move the camera, etc.
  • Avatar customization and accessories


In addition to the general discussion, attendees toured and met with the creators of several new Sansar experiences including:


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