Sansar Release Notes for January 30, 2017


Table of Contents

Client & Server


  • Multi-Select Duplicate
  • Improved throwing of dynamic objects in VR
  • “Comfort Zone” (VR personal space)
  • Hand Models in runtime VR
  • Improved VR teleport with roomscale preview
  • Snap rotate with basic controls in VR
  • Enter VR edit mode from VR
  • Audio materials (define what an object is made of to improve accuracy of reverb)
  • Improved reverb baking
  • Reporting tools for questionable content

Bugs Resolved

  • See  the “Known issues from previous release” list below

Web & Extraction


  • Client Takedown tool (Zendesk)
  • User tool v1
  • Grid tool v2
  • Metrics -
    • update to sending setup
    • Client Heartbeat
      • Session ID
      • Voice status on/off  (R5 Spillover)
      • HMD status on/off  (R5 Spillover)
      • Client Average Frame Rate
    • new installer download
  • Ratings for Store items

Bugs Resolved

  • Nothing major (all small stuff)


New Articles

Known Issues for this release

  • FBX assets can suffer from long upload and processing times
  • Small enclosed spaces are being aggressively culled
  • Teleporting after a user has reached another users comfort zone can cause them to remain hidden.
  • Avatars do not disappear from each other's comfort zones when they are directly in front of each other
  • The VR calibration message can become stuck in an off state.
  • Controls revert to default mode after scene switch
  • Manipulator gizmo is not disappearing from locked objects
  • VR hand representations do not accurately match real hand positions
  • Should have a Sansar Shutting Down message box
  • Teleporting visibly stutters while in 3rd person mode
  • EditWorld VR assets do not provide haptic feedback a certain distances
  • Large dynamic objects are thrown when holding them in VR
  • In Edit Mode, camera stepping code overwrites initial camera orientation
  • 1st person VR camera can become temporarily detached from the avatar when riding keyframed objects
  • Grouped assets can be grabbed and moved if one of the assets in the group is locked
  • Some textures appear posterized after uploading them to Sansar
  • Red teleport beams still allow a user to teleport in the Layout Editor
  • Skybox changes in rapid succession can lead to the wrong skybox being previewed locally
  • Near Clip attribute on spot lights has no slider input
  • Missing warning dialog in Atlas after logging in with invalid specified command-line sceneUri
  • Bringing up the VRUI while turning in 1st person causes the camera to continuously spin
  • Selecting a duplicated group with surface snap on only grabs 1 asset
  • Scaling an asset down in vr only scales in increments
  • Scene Setting changes are not present after reloading a scene
  • Objects can be continuously added to a scene if the drag and drop action is performed too quickly

Known issues from previous release

  • Physics shapes may appear to stutter in low bandwidth environments
  • [Fixed in Runtime] Vive wands and Touch controller models appear rough and are missing textures
  • [Fixed] VR EditMode needs/missing “applet” menu
  • [Fixed] Attempting to surface snap on un-snappable objects makes UI inaccessible
  • [Fixed] Deleting an object while dragging it into the scene from the inventory panel causes the client to crash.
  • Manipulator gizmo is not disappearing from locked objects
  • [Fixed] Crash on Exit if you ever entered EditLayout Mode
  • [Fixed] No visual feedback is given on cursor when user grabs a script
  • [Fixed] Deleting an asset with the object floating panel tools keeps the 'Delete' tool tip active
  • VR UI 'Selection' panel buttons do not work when an object is grabbed
  • Locked assets in a ‘multi-select-group’ can be grabbed and moved
  • [Fixed] Toggling off the scene Lights in the layout editor publishes the scene without the scene lights
  • Undo button flashes when Redo is selected, and Redo button flashes when Undo is selected
  • [Fixed] Pieces of the RoofTop template scene appear to be aggressively culled
  • Using the left joystick while holding an asset moves the objects as well as the user
  • Large objects are difficult to hold onto in VR
  • [Fixed] Sending the teleport beam through a collision shape that then lands at a viable position does not allow the user to teleport
  • Physic constrained objects do not remain anchored when grabbed
  • [Fixed] RegionServer crashes if Client_C changes avatar while Client_B uses a grabbed object to interact with Client_A's foot IK
  • [Fixed] Title field in the My Projects app does not show the text cursor when it has focus on the first selected field
  • Should have a Sansar Shutting Down message box

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