Sansar Release Notes for May 1, 2017



  • Object Editing - Embed multiple lights, sound emitters, and scripts to add more interactivity to your objects. To get started, see Object Editing.
  • New Scene Objects List Filters - Filter the list by lights, sound emitters, and scripts.
  • Multi-select lock/unlock support - Select multiple objects and lock/unlock all at once via the new right-click menu on the scene objects panel.
  • Sound Preview - You can now preview sound from the audio emitters placed in your scene directly in Edit Mode. With this new feature, you no longer need to publish your scene to test your audio! For more information, see Audio Preview.
  • Scripting - With new and updated APIs, you now have access to:
    • Memory, MemoryData, MemoryUseLevel - Memory APIs reports how much memory scripts are using and push alerts on high memory usage.  
    • AgentInfo.ObjectId property - returns the ObjectId of the AgentInfo. Use with Scene.FindSceneObject to get an agent's SceneObject.
    • Scene.FindScript property - Looks up the script object associated with the given scriptId. Use with chat events to get a reference to the script class that sent the chat.
    • LindenLab.Script.Testing Namespace - Tools for Testing Scripts.
  • Smoother avatar animation - With this update, avatars have smoother movement, even in populated experiences.
  • Improved keyframed object animation - Moving objects, such as elevators, no longer stagger and now move smoothly. In addition, dynamic objects now move accordingly, even while standing on a moving object.

Bugs Resolved

  • Reported crashing issues from users with slower internet connections.
  • It is possible to enter VR mode while in the My Looks menu and the Character Editor.
  • No error message appears when a user attempts to use an invalid experience URI.



  • Displaying Persona Names - Persona Names are now displayed on the store, instead of persona handles. 
  • Item Scrolling - You can now seamlessly view items on the Store and Atlas.
  • Sorting on Search Results - You can now sort items on the store and atlas search results pages.

Bugs Resolved

  • Nothing major (all small stuff)

Additional Notes


New Articles

Updated Articles

Known Issues for this release

  • Sansar can occasionally crash when attempting to open the Atlas after exiting VR mode while in larger scenes in Edit Mode.
  • Occasional crashing issues when exiting or scene switching in Sansar.
  • The undo button does not work when adding and removing components in an object.
  • Components do not show the location or rotation attributes in their properties panel.
  • Audio shape scematics may be visible even when Physics Shapes is toggled off.
  • The VR controllers' teleport function can lose input and become inactive if the teleport beams are pointed and released over the left-hand VR menu.
  • The inventory does not show objects under the System Objects filter tabs.
  • A scripting bug is causing an issue between chat input to scripts. 

Known issues from previous release

  • Set values on Ground Fog Density yields incorrect values.
  • Repeatedly resetting a scene may cause a user to get stuck at the loading screen.
  • Importing FBX files with really long file names does not show indication that the name has been truncated [e.g. ellipsis (...)].
  • Camera movement can be performed using the keyboard or other controllers while various windows are active.
  • UI issues with the Chat app.
  • In VR, the blue point beams do not line up with the virtual index fingers.
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