Meeting Notes - April 14, 2017

What’s next for Sansar? Attendees of the latest Sansar community meeting had a chance to find out as they connected with the Sansar team to discuss future updates during the April 14 office hours. Among those in attendance were: Product Director Jason Gholston, Lead Community Manager Jennifer, and Senior Producer & Audio Artist Torley.


traybiker's "BC Blue & Foggy Night in the Forest"

The next Sansar release is tentatively due near the end of April and is expected to include several new features, including:

  • Object Grouping - Develop more sophisticated content by grouping together objects. Create more elaborate interactions by adding lights and sound emitters to meshes. Add multiple scripts to an object. Also, open an object and see all the component parts within it.
  • Scene Object Filters - Work more efficiently by selectively showing/hiding various content. Filter by different categories, including: dynamic objects, static objects, sounds, scripts, and lights.
  • Live Audio Preview -  Hear changes to sounds in realtime as you adjust their volumes and reposition point emitters in a scene. Toggle audio preview on/off as you wish. In a further release, we'll also add audio previews to your inventory's sounds. Torley will be publishing help articles for all of these audio features.
  • New Avatar Outfits - Customize your look with an expanded selection of avatar outfits. We'll keep adding more in future releases.
  • Other Improvements - Various other enhancements include an improved layout for the Atlas.

Additionally, there was a discussion about several longer-term new features and improvements under development, including:

  • Materials Editor - One of the top creator requests, preliminary development work is close to completion on the Materials Editor, which will enable you to more efficiently create better and richer object looks and textures. After its introduction, you can expect more advanced editing features to follow.
  • Global Illumination (GI) - Development is moving quickly on support for the integration of global illumination into Sansar. The first implementation will take into account directional lighting via the sun and there will be even more advanced GI features to come. For example, you'll eventually be able to change the intensity of the GI effect for aesthetic nuances. As mentioned previously, environment maps are also on the development roadmap allowing our PBR shaders to look better than ever.
  • Camera/Control Settings - You'll eventually be able to establish defined camera field-of-view angles and/or controls, so that you have more precision over how your audiences perceive and navigate the experiences you create.

Staying Connected - Looking for more Sansar documentation and/or to connect with other Sansar creators? We continue to expand and update documentation on our website, and there are additional options including the official Forums, our Slack channel and office hours.

In addition, Jennifer indicated that the Sansar team is aiming to eventually establish a "Creator’s Lounge" where you can ask questions and share tips and tricks! In the meantime, we'd love to hear your suggestions for new experiences we could use as interim hangout spots and visit on our office hour field trips! They don't have to be "finished" — we're excited to see what you're making, so please show us your works in progress!

Don’t miss your opportunity to connect with us and fellow creators at a future office hour event. Stay informed on future meeting times by visiting the Office Hour Announcements page, and click the Follow button (on the right side) to receive email notifications!

SansarClient_2017-04-14_10-10-57-42.jpgivan's "Skyline Cantina & Breakroom"

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