Meeting Notes - January 13, 2017

During the Jan. 13 community meetings with Sansar creators, Product Director Jason Gholston shared information about a couple of new features that are anticipated in an upcoming Sansar release, including:

  • More Realistic Reverb via Audio Materials - Previously, all objects in Sansar were treated with the same reverberation settings. In the new release, meshes and shapes can be tagged with audio materials, so that creators have better control over how sound bounces off objects after computing reverb. This is a useful way to match how an object looks with how it reflects sound. 11 preset material types will be available as inventory objects to provide more accurate reverb, including brick, concrete, gravel, carpet, and more. Further details will be available in the next Release Notes and related Knowledge Base documentation.
  • Support for Multi-Selecting & Duplicating Items - Creators will soon be able to select multiple items to clone and move all at once, so that they can create complex experiences even faster!


During both Q&A sessions, the community was able to provide feedback and bug reports on several other topics, including:

  • Best practices and insights on mesh uploading and use of shaders.
  • A potential bug pertaining to the recent introduction of teleport scripts. A creator reported problems when more than one teleport remote script was used in a scene.
  • Discussion of how “water” might function via visual representation, physics and behavior in Sansar
  • Among the many feature requests made by participants were:
    • Potential addition of applied joints to objects for greater flexibility;
    • Sort and grouping functionality for improved organization of inventory;
    • Addition of permissions and digital signatures for better protection of intellectual property
    • Drop-and-drag moveable UI floaters for better customizability of Sansar Viewer workspace


There was also a reminder of the Sansar Building Contest, a competition where creators can win prizes for their pioneering creations.


All participants in the Creator Preview are welcome to attend future Office Hours. Watch the Office Hour Announcements section on for more details on future times and dates.

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