Sansar Release Notes for April 3, 2017



  • Optimized Bandwidth Usage - Sansar uses less network bandwidth and runs more efficiently than ever before.
  • Improved Audio Volume Rendering - Improved stereo panning of 3D audio emitters.
  • Added support for ambisonic playback via the AmbiX (ACN/SN3D) format - You can now add ambisonic audio soundfields to your scenes. Think of ambisonic audio as a "skybox for sound" — it surrounds the listener with each source in the track precisely placed in 3D space... great for immersive audio! Before importing your ".wav" file, make sure to rename the extension to ".ambix". Learn more in the "Ambisonic sounds" article.
  • Improved Touch Control Scrolling - Now you can navigate the Atlas more quickly in VR - using Touch Controls, just hold the right thumbstick to scroll.
  • “Visit Scene” Button in VR - The Visit Scene button has been added on the My Projects app when in VR mode. With this added button, you can now visit unlisted scenes that you created without the need to go into edit mode first.
  • Right-Clicking on the Scene Object List - Now you can right click on objects in the Scene Objects window in edit mode. This allows you to access operations such as duplicate, lock, delete, and open the properties window. More options to come soon!
  • Scripting API Updates - you can now do more with C# scripting. These changes include:
    • Added support for public Vector4 parameters in edit properties.
    • Lindenlab.Script.Log - Added a new logging API script for debugging.
    • RigidBodyComponent::Get Mass - added script support for computing and retrieving the mass of an object.
    • Agent.PersonaId, Scene.FindAgent(PersonaId), SceneInfo.FindAgentInfo(PersonaId), ExperienceInfo.PersonaId - Added script support for Persona IDs.
    • Chat and User APIs moved to SceneInfo.Chat and SceneInfo.User.

Bugs Resolved

  • General fixes and UI refinement within the character editor and layout.  
  • Fixed crashing issues generated by spamming the randomize button in the Character Editor.
  • Script API - Fixed MessageAllUsers.
  • Fixed issues wherein certain personas cannot fully load experiences.
  • Fixed text leak into adjacent attribute boxes.
  • Improved region server stability when resetting the dynamic objects in a scene.
  • Corrected the loss of default camera orientation when first appearing in Layout.



New Articles

Updated Articles


Known Issues for this release

  • Reported crashing issues from users with slower internet connections.
  • Set values on Ground Fog Density yields incorrect values.
  • It is possible to enter VR mode while in the My Looks menu and the Character Editor.
  • No error mesage appears when a user attempts to use an invalid experience URI.
  • Repeatedly resetting a scene may cause a user to get stuck at the loading screen.
  • Importing FBX files with really long file names does not show indication that the name has been truncated [e.g. ellipsis (...)].
  • Camera movement can be performed using the keyboard or other controllers while various windows are active.
  • UI issues with the Chat app.
  • In VR, the blue point beams do not line up with the virtual index fingers.


Known issues from previous release

  • When an avatar navigates around a small enclosed space, the avatar and scene objects disappears when viewed at certain angles.
  • When user A teleports away from user B after user A has reached their comfort zone, the other user remains hidden.
  • Avatars do not disappear from each other's comfort zones when they are directly in front of each other.
  • The camera continues to spin after bringing up the VR App Launcher while turning.
  • Holding certain buttons allow users to enter the Avatar Editor in VR, which cannot be interacted with.
  • A shadow artifact can be seen cast on the scene from a directional light at certain camera angles.
  • The state of the transform and display buttons are not remembered when switching between VR mode to Desktop mode.
  • The camera continues to scroll through the avatars on the Avatar Carousel while the saving modal is up.
  • The mouse focus disappears when toggling between VR and Desktop mode.
  • In VR, an XBOX controller is able to control and send commands to both SteamVR and the Sansar client while the SteamVR overlay is open.
  • The VR App Launcher buttons enlarge or shrink after scales are set in Edit Layout.
  • In the layout editor's properties panel, when the user changes the active script attached to an object to a different script with the same parameter names, the UI doesn't update to reflect that the parameters have been reset to their default.
  • The VR pointer beams flicker while the App Launcher or Atlas are active in VR.
  • Double clicking on a duplicated asset will focus on the original asset, instead of that selected asset.
  • The object properties window show incorrect grouping tags.
  • The "No changes to publish" message no longer pops up when attempting to publish an experience with no changes.
  • The VR Avatar can enter a bad state after re-centering, in which the entire body moves, rather than just the head.
  • The Avatars in the My Looks menu moves in a circular motion, rather than rotating in place.
  • Avatars drop held objects when toggling between first and third person mode.
  • The zipper on the Yellow Kaiju in the Sansar Looks menu is misaligned.
  • It is possible to enter VR mode while in the My Looks menu and the Character Editor.
  • The hand collider cannonballs will appear at an avatar's spawn location.


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