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The Sansar Store allows content creators to share their original content, letting other people use their creations to enhance their Sansar experiences. As a content creator, you may sell content on the Sansar Store for Sansar dollars (S$). This article describes how to list and edit an item in the Sansar Store.

Item Listing Guidelines

The Item Listing Guidelines aim to help creators list items effectively so that buyers can quickly and easily find what they're looking for. To help promote an enjoyable experience, creators must adhere to these guidelines when listing items on the Sansar Store.

Please make sure to review the Item Listing Guidelines prior to creating a listing. 

Creating a new listing

To get started with selling an item in the store, you must first create a listing from an item in your inventory. To create a listing:

  1. Log into Sansar.
  2. In the Atlas, click Create to launch the My Experiences app.
  3. In the my experience app, click Edit scene edit_icon_sm.png on one of your existing scenes or experiences. If you do not have any existing scenes or experiences, you can create one by following the guide for Creating an experience.
  4. In edit mode, upload the item that you want to sell in the Sansar Store. If you need help uploading an item, see our article on Uploading content in Sansar. If you already have the item in your inventory, skip to step 5.
  5. Click the Created tab to view your uploaded items in your inventory. Find the item you want to sell in the store. 
    Click the Created tab or All tab under Inventory to find your uploaded item. 
  6. Click the item you want to sell. The List Item button will be enabled.
  7. Click on the List Item button to add the item to your listings.
    Click the List Item button.
  8. A dialog with the message, "Create a listing for [your item name]" appears.
    Click Create Listing.
  9. Click Create Listing. A dialog with the message, "Item was listed successfully!" appears.
    Once the item is listed successfully, you can start editing the listing in your Manage Listings page.
  10. Click Edit Listing to start editing the listing in your web browser.
Note: You can only list items that you have uploaded to Sansar. You cannot list items that you have purchased from the Sansar Store. 

Editing a listing

Once you have created a listing for your item, you can give it a store title, set a description, set a price, and upload images that showcases that item. The Edit Listing page also allows you to save changes to your listing's information, delete the listing, and make the listing publicly visible in the store. 

Before you start editing your listing, please make sure that your listing and its information is compliant with the Item Listing Guidelines

To begin editing your listing:

  1. Go to the Sansar website.
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Once you are logged in, look for the user.png icon in the upper right corner of the website.
  4. Click the icon to open a drop down menu.
    The user icon in the upper right corner of the website reveals an additional menu. Click Manage Listings to see your listed items. 


  5. Click Manage Listings to see a list of all of your items that are listed and unlisted in the Sansar Store.
  6. Click on the item name, image, or the Edit button under More Options to start editing the listing that you want to edit. 
  7. In the Edit Listing page, fill the fields to provide information about your item. See Item Listing Guidelines for more information on each field. 
  8. Save your changes, if needed.
  9. Once you are happy with the information and you are ready to make your item publicly visible in the Sansar Store, click the checkbox beside This item is listed and publicly visible in the store and then, click the Save Changes button.
Note: Listings are not visible in the store until you check the box for This item is listed and publicly visible in the store and click the Save Changes button.

Transaction fees

We charge sellers a transaction fee for each sale made in the Sansar Store.  The transaction fee is 15% of the listed price, rounded to the nearest Sansar dollar (S$).  

Separate fees apply when buying or selling Sansar dollars through the Sansar Dollar Exchange; see SandeX and Seller Transaction Fees for more information.



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