Sansar Release Notes for December 20, 2016

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The Sansar elves have been busy to get you this release before we head home for the holidays!

Pop over to the download page and grab the latest version of Sansar to unlock all the goodies below and more:

  • VR Layout gets more powerful than ever.  From the expanded tool palette, objects can be locked, duplicated, and deleted. Objects can be scaled in VR, using the HTC Vive or Oculus Touch controllers. With the addition of multi-select support, you can rotate and move  multiple objects at a time.
  • Scripting begins! You’ll find two scripts in your inventory, Teleport - Local (within a scene), andTeleport - Remote (to another scene). Simply drag and drop one of these scripts onto a dynamic object, set the destination, publish your scene, and when an avatar bumps into it, away they go!
  • Using your HTC Vive or Oculus Touch controllers to grab, throw, and drop objects becomes vastly smoother. Suit up in a monster avatar and play catch in VR!
  • Data versioning arrives. This behind-the-scenes super feature allows us to carry forward layouts and inventory from release to release - meaning fewer headaches for creators when we release new versions of Sansar.


Although data versioning is coming in this version, this update still required us to reset the Atlas and the Store so you’ll need to republish your experiences after installing the latest version of Sansar.


We want to hear from you! We’d love to hear what you’re working on, what you’re finding awesome and/or challenging, and what you think could make Sansar even better. Please join us at Creator Preview office hours, or drop us a line via the support tool.


  • VR Layout - Get the details on the controls here
    • Multi-select support
    • Object ScaleObject Lock
    • Object Duplicate
    • Save
    • Publish
  • Desktop Layout
  • Scripting - Supplied sample scripts to begin adding interactivity
  • Screen Shot - Make screenshots within the application for reports and atlas entries
  • Audio Spatialization redesign
    • Stereo and mono sources have an improved sense of volume and scale 
  • Polish - We tidied up a few things
    • Revised sound mix with an emphasis on voice level
    • Avatar outfit refinement
    • Improved VR Controller teleport, now you can choose your orientation before you arrive using the touch-pad (vive) or left stick (oculus touch) 
    • Refined avatar / dynamic object interaction

Bugs Resolved

  • Numerous fixes to dynamic object behavior
  • Retuned occlusion culling parameters to avoid unnecessary culling of objects
  • Poor editable field behavior in desktop layout
  • General fixes and performance improvements

Server & Web

  • Sandex
    • Users can now purchase and sell their Sansar dollars
    • Market buy and sell
    • Limit buy and sell
  • store Sansar Dollar Transactions
    • Users can now sell their items for Sansar dollars in the Store
    • Users can earn Sansar dollars from their sales
  • Server authoritative physics
    • Improved shared experience and interaction in high-bandwidth environments

Bugs Resolved

  • Scene ‘Reset’ script related crashes and instability resolved
  • New experience instantiation and connection failures and crashes resolved
  • General fixes and performance improvements

New Articles

Known Issues

  • Physics shapes may appear to stutter in low bandwidth environments
  • Vive wands and Touch controller models appear rough and are missing textures
  • VR EditMode needs/missing “applet” menu
  • Attempting to surface snap on un-snappable objects makes UI inaccessible
  • Deleting an object while dragging it into the scene from the inventory panel causes the application to crash.
  • Manipulator gizmo is not disappearing from locked objects
  • Crash on Exit if you ever entered EditLayout Mode
  • The user camera rotates to the right every time the vr scale is changed
  • No visual feedback is given on cursor when user grabs a script
  • Deleting an asset with the object floating panel tools keeps the 'Delete' tool tip active
  • VR UI 'Selection' panel buttons do not work when an object is grabbed
  • Locked assets in a ‘multi-select-group’ can be grabbed and moved
  • Toggling off the scene Lights in the layout editor publishes the scene without the scene lights
  • Undo button flashes when Redo is selected, and Redo button flashes when Undo is selected
  • Pieces of the RoofTop template scene appear to be aggressively culled
  • Using the left joystick while holding an asset moves the objects as well as the user
  • Large objects are difficult to hold onto in VR
  • Sending the teleport beam through a collision shape that then lands at a viable position does not allow the user to teleport
  • Physic constrained objects do not remain anchored when grabbed
  • RegionServer crashes if User_C changes avatar while User_B uses a grabbed object to interact with User_A's foot IK
  • Title field in the My Projects app does not show the text cursor when it has focus on the first selected field 
  • Should have a Sansar Shutting Down message box

See you in VR!

The Sansar Team

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