Working with 3D models

This article provides a general overview of how you can add, use, and work with 3D models in Sansar. 

Uploading 3D models in Sansar

In Sansar, 3D models should be in FBX (.fbx) or OBJ (.obj) file format. If you are interested in uploading a 3D model to your inventory from your computer, see Uploading items in Sansar for a step-by-step guide on the upload process. However, before you begin uploading your 3D model, be sure to check our import and setup tips for best practices in preparing your asset for use in Sansar.

It is possible to upload multi-part objectsanimated objects, and objects with point lights to Sansar.

Note: OBJ filesmulti-part objects, and animated objects are each subject to certain limitations at this time. Please see their respective articles for more details.

Using objects in Sansar

Once a 3D model is uploaded in Sansar, it becomes an object in your Inventory. You can manage and use your objects from your Inventory. In Sansar, you can add an object to your scene and add components such as lights, scripts, and sounds to it. 

Note: If you are interested in selling your object in the Store, see Selling items in the Sansar Store

Object motion types

Objects in Sansar can move, either by animation or physics. Keyframed objects can be moved by animations, but their movement is not affected by gravity or collisions with other objects. Dynamic objects are affected by physics, which allows them to fall, roll, bounce, and slide within a scene according to their density, friction, and bounce settings. All other objects are Static and cannot be moved. For steps and tips on changing an object's motion type, see Object motion types.

Import and setup tips

To ensure that your models are highly optimized for use in Sansar, please see the following articles: 

Troubleshooting 3D model uploads

For some troubleshooting tips on issues that may arise during 3D model uploads, please see Troubleshooting 3D model uploads.


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    just created a simple cube in .fbx format using mudbox.
    getting the following message: Upload failed
    What am I doing wrong ?

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